Pusey, Jones & Company of Wilmington, Delaware

18 Apr

Pusey, Jones & Company, of Wilmington, Delaware,  built several of the vessels, or provided boilers and engines, for steamers that plied the waters of the Cape Fear river.

According to company records, the following boats were built by the firm:

The Spray was the second vessel built by the company in 1852.  One of the Spray’s inclined engines is on display at the Underwater Archaeological Branch Office at Fort Fisher, below Wilmington, NC.  Some other items that were recovered from the wreck site are on display at the Transportation Museum in Fayetteville, NC.

The Flora McDonald was their 4th boat, built in 1853.

The A. P. Hurt was their 23rd steamer, built in 1860.

The 64th steamboat was the Governor Worth, built in 1866.

The Duncan Murchison, built in 1869 was the company’s 82nd completed boat.

The company provided the boiler & engines for the steamer North State built in 1870 at Fayetteville, NC by Mr. Archie G. Black.

In 1879 the United States Revenue Cutter Colfax was repaired and refitted by the company.

The 254th vessel was the steam tug Compton, which was built in 1889, for the North State Improvement Company, a part of the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railroad Company.

NOTES:  Pusey & Jones Corporation, Photograph Collection, 1865 – 1955, Hagley Museum – Digital Archives.

The Cape Fear River Steamers

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