The Government “Snag” Boat – H. G. WRIGHT

05 May

— The H. B. Wright, a new government steamer, recently built at Fayetteville, and commanded by Capt. Flowers, arrived here Friday night. She will be engaged on the various improvements of the Cape Fear and tributary streams, and left yesterday on a surveying expedition on the Black River.

[Wilmington Morning Star  – Sun., January 11, 1885]

River News.

The steamer A. E. Hawes, which cleared Friday for Clear Run, went no further than Delta, where she encountered a large oak tree which had blown across the channel.  Capt. Black was unable to remove the obstruction and returned to Wilmington yesterday.  Capt. P. T. Dicksey with the government dredge boat General Wright went up Black River yesterday morning to open the channel.

[Wilmington Morning Star – Tuesday, July 18, 1899]

— The government river dredge boat General Wright, Capt. P. T. Dicksey, came down from Black River yesterday afternoon, where she has been clearing the channel of some obstructions dangerous ####n.

[Wilmington Morning Star – Wednesday, July 26, 1899]

Jason Bordeaux has provided an excellent photo of the H. G. Wright and a newspaper article regarding the snag boat.  *Richard Lawrence of the State Underwater Archaeology Branch, referenced in the newspaper article.

Lengthy article from the Wilmington Star regarding “How the Paddle Wheel Was Saved” by David Carnell.

H. G. Wright Boiler at the Transportation Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

H. G. Wright Paddlewheel & Engines Assembly at the Cape Fear Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Cape Fear River Steamers

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