1882 Excursions & Resort Activity

11 May

Local Dots.

—   The colored military company came down from Fayetteville on the steamer Hurt last night, to take part in the Decoration ceremonies to-day.

—  Capt. R. P. Paddison came to town yesterday with the first ripe peach of the season pinned to the lapel of his coat.  It made a nice button-hole bouquet.  It belonged to the Amsden variety and came from Capt. Paddison’s orchard at Maultsby’s Point.

[Wilmington Morning Star – Tuesday, May 30, 1882]

River and Marine.

—  The little steamer Lisbon, Capt. Phillips, on the line between this city and Lisbon, Sampson county, was ashore at last accounts, near Newkirk’s Landing, in Black River, which is an evidence that the water is getting pretty low.

[Wilmington Morning Star —  Wednesday, May 31, 1882]

The Masonic Excursion Down the River
– Dinner at the Hotel Brunswick, &c.

Contrary to the apprehensions of those who remained at home the excursion of our Masonic friends on the steamer Passport yesterday proved a very enjoyable one, and the visitors as a general thing expressed themselves as delighted.  It rained here a good portion of the day, and also blew a gale.  Down the river it blew a pretty stiff breeze, which reddened the faces of the excursionists as much as if the sun had shone; but the only shower of rain of any consequence very considerately came while they were at dinner at Smithville. The dinner, by the way, was an excellent one and was served by mine host of the Hotel Brunswick, which was opened for the first time, informally, for the reception of his Masonic guests.  About one hundred and thirty persons went down on the boat, and over one hundred took dinner at the hotel.

In consequence of the stiff breeze and heavy sea the Passport did not go outside, but went close to the Bar, to give the visitors a good sniff of the salt breeze of “Old Ocean.”

The boat left her wharf at 9 A. M. and returned about 6 P. M.

[Wilmington Morning Star – Friday, June 2, 1882]

Wilmington Morning Star Ads - June 25, 1882

Wilmington Morning Star Ads - June 25, 1882

Cape Fear and Brunswick Ferries.

Mr. M. H. Rouse, late engineer of the steamer D. Murchison, has leased the ferries across the Cape Fear and Brunswick rivers opposite this city, and will take charge of the same on Saturday next, the first day of July.  He will put on a steamer of some sort in a few days thereafter and ascertain by actual experiment how a steam ferry will operate, it being his intention to inaugurate all the improvements possible for the benefit of the travelling public by that particular route.

[Wilmington Morning Star —  Sunday, June 25, 1882]

Hotel Brunswick Ad WMS 06251882

Hotel Brunswick Ad WMS 06251882

The Military Excursion on the Steamer Passport Yesterday.

The military excursion yesterday turned out to be (as we expected) and exceedingly pleasant affair, and those who participated in it are to be congratulated that they had an opportunity of exchanging the heated atmosphere of the city, where the thermometer was ranging among the nineties, for refreshing and invigorating ocean breezes.  There were more than two hundred persons on board, and a season of enjoyment, unmarred by a single untoward circumstance, was the verdict of all who participated in the excursion.

The most of the members of the Wilmington Light Infantry, under whose auspices the excursion was given, were not in uniform, only a color guard of about twelve or fourteen being required to attire themselves in military rig.

The excursionists visited the forts and other places of interest below, and also went a short distance outside.

On the way up the votes were counted to ascertain who had been “elected” as the most popular lady on board, and it was found that the honor belonged to Miss Hill, of Goldsboro, to whom the handsome floral tribute, in the form of a cross-bow, was awarded, Lt. E. A. Oldham, of the New South, making the presentation speech.

Returning, the boat reached her wharf about 6 o’clock.

[Wilmington Morning Star —  Friday, June 30, 1882]

The Cape Fear River Steamers

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