St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

22 Jun

The Second Presbyterian Church of Wilmington was organized in December, 1858, under the ministration of Rev. Martin McQueen. Its first officers were Alex. Sprunt and John C. Latta, Ruling Elders; and John Colville, J. R. Latta, James Price and J. H. Blanks, Deacons. The membership at first was only fourteen. The membership had grown to thirty-eight in 1862, when the congregation was broken up and scattered by the war and the yellow fever epidemic of that year. In 1872 a Sabbath school was gathered together, and in 1874 the congregation was re-organized with thirteen of the old members. The church now has a membership of 140, with 125 Sunday school scholars and 25 teachers. From 1872 to 1874 H. G. Barr was the stated supply, and in the latter year the present pastor, Rev. C. M. Payne took charge. The present officers of the church are Messrs. Alex. Sprunt, John Colville, Robert McDougald, J. R. Latta, W, H. Sprunt, W. J. Smelt, L. T. Beatty, J. W. Munroe, Walter Smallbones and James C. Stewart. The church edifice is located at the corner of Fourth and Campbell streets, and is 30×66 feet in dimensions. The auditorium is 28×60 feet in size and will seat about 300 persons. The Sunday school room is the same size as the auditorium.

[Wilmington – Past, Present and Future 1884]

The St. Andrews Presbyterian Church building in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Wilmington, North Carolina no longer sports the tall spire that it once did.

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