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NAVIGATION TO LISBON – Point Caswell, New Hanover County, April 10 – MR. EDITOR: As you have always manifested, to the gratification and pleasure of your readers, that interest in the welfare of North Carolina, which so distinguishes you as an advocate of her rights, it will not be displeasing to you, I am sure, to learn that an enterprise is now on foot to make Lisbon accessible for steamers – a distance of some hundred and twenty miles by water – from Wilmington. Capts R. P. Paddison and William Skinner left Point Caswell on Monday about 12 noon, in a row boat, for the purpose of exploring the river thoroughly and satisfactorily, and reached Lisbon, a distance of some seventy {misspelled} miles on the next evening (Tuesday) at 7 o’clock P. M. They were most cordially received by the people at the various stopping places, and especially at Lisbon, where they were made the participants of the hospitality and kindness of {misspelled} the Messrs. Bronson; and at Clinton they met with every encouragement that could have been asked at the hands of nay people.

They report as the result of their examination; that the river can be rendered navigable to Lisbon so that steamers can run to that point whenever the Cape Fear is navigable, and at a cost of some fifteen hundred dollars only. The farming portion of the country they speak of in glowing terms. The timber they represent as not only large, but most abundant, while the prospect for turpentine and tar encourages the hope and justifies the opinion that with such inducements as this enterprise when successful, will offer, the supply will be inexhaustible. Our little village here is all alive to the project, and pledges herself not to be behind in anything that will advance the interest and general good success of the Old North State. With a Paddison and Skinner at the helm, the cause can never fail.

WILM. WEEKLY STAR, 4-17-1874.

(Bill Reaves Collection – New Hanover Public Library – North Carolina Room)


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