Introduction to the Steamers

01 Jan

Why would I start by reading the compilation for “Captain Albert H. Worth?”  His life upon the Cape Fear spans the years, from the steamer A. P. Hurt, to that of the City of Fayetteville.  Several of the vignettes that I had already selected as my favorites included Capt. Worth:  Excursion to Smithville (a detailed account of a group of Fayettevillians travelling to ‘the beach’ and back); Andy & Nan Marie Down the Cape Fear (their first trip down the Cape Fear, aboard the Governor Worth with Capt. A. H. Worth.);  Arrival of the City of Fayetteville.  It was important that he was a member of the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry, who would have boarded the A. P. Hurt to go off to the War.  One article mentions his wounds during the War, that followed him through his life.  His obituary expounds upon what his wound was, and where & when he received it.

Quite possibly, there is no more personal portrayal of any of the steamboat captains, than that of Capt. Worth.  The inquisitive ‘Andy’, McSween’s banter with Capt. Worth…

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