30 Jan


Capt. Green, of the Steamer North State, we are gratified to learn, was so far recovered as to walk out on the streets at Fayetteville on the 20th.

[Wilmington Daily Journal – Tuesday, January 23, 1877]


Departure of the Steamer Dixie

The good little steamer Dixie left here yesterday, under command of Capt. Sullivan, for New York. She will proceed by island water route as far as possible. She is going to her owner, Capt. Foster, who exchanged the steamer J. S. Underhill for her, with Mr. O. g. Parsley, J., her former owner. She has run between this city and Smithville for some time.

[Wilmington Daily Journal – Wednesday, February, 28, 1877]



STEAMBOAT. — We understand that the steamer Underhill
bursted her boiler a few days ago, but fortunately no damage was done. Second class steamboats should not be used for carrying passengers, Commodore Jones or any other Commodore’s boat notwithstanding.

[Wilmington Post – Friday, April 26, 1878]


The steamer North East, that was burnt and sunk some months ago, has been raised, and will soon be repaired.

[Wilmington Post – Sunday, March 9, 1879]


The dredge boat Woodbury will commence dredging the river next week on the outer bar or Bald Head shoal. We may expect great results from the work. The work will be under the management of Mr. Henry Bacon, Engineer; the boat will be commanded by Capt. J. T. Harper. Mr. Bacon says that New Inlet bar will be closed during the summer and fall, and in his opinion, the bar will increase in depth very fast, immediately.

[Wilmington Post, Sunday, March 23, 1879]


Capt. R. P. Paddison has purchased the steam tug Elizabeth, and intends to thoroughly {misspelled}

Overhaul and repair the boat for river purposed.

[Wilmington Post – Sunday March 30, 1879]





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