A Note Regarding the Governor Worth

11 Oct

… I see no way to leave my business. The boating requires the closest attention and at that will not pay much profit. The Host is under repairs now and will cost from 3 to 4 thousand dollars to get it done. The Governor is doing as much work as all the rest of the Boats, but the price of freight is so low she cant’ make much money. I was compelled to give in the tax for the State on the whole amt. of the income or dividends. I suppose you understood that and did not give in your dividend. If so you did wrong. All the taxes of the Company have been paid by the Agents. When B. G. gets here we will consolidate the two boats into one company. ..”

[The Correspondence of Jonathan Worth, Vol. 1 – From Joseph Addison Worth. Fayetteville, June 14th, 1866]


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