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07 Dec




Stockholders’ Meeting

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the company which owns the steamer Driver was held in this city at the office of Mr. R. R. Love, the general manager, yesterday at 11 o’clock. Mr. A. Hocut, the president, presided, and Mr. A. L. Rosser acted as secretary.

The old officers were re-elected, as follows:

President – A. Hocut, of Bladen.

Vice President and General Manager – R. R. Love, of Wilmington.

The reports of the officers showed the affairs of the company to be in a very satisfactory condition and the outlook for the future encouraging.

The company has been running the steamer Driver on the Cape Fear river between here and Fayetteville, for nearly a year, leaving here on Mondays’ and Thursdays’ and leaving Fayetteville on Wednesdays’ and Saturday’.

[Wilmington Messenger – August 10, 1897]


River Lower Than in Twenty Years.

The Cape Fear river is lower than it has been in twenty years and river transportation is about checked. The steamer Driver is at Willis Creek with her crew discharged until the water gets higher. The steamer E. A. Hawes left here Friday and did not succeed in reaching Fayetteville until Tuesday. The A. P. Hurt is at White Hall, waiting to receive freight from the Hawes in case the latter succeeds in getting down to that point.

[Wilmington Weekly Star – September 17, 1897]

The steamer Driver arrived from up the Cape Fear yesterday with a good cargo. Her agent, Mr. R. R. Love, reports that there is good boating water and excellent freight business.

[Wilmington Messenger – March 8, 1898]

M. and F. Steamboat Company.

A meeting of the Merchants’ and Farmers’ Steamboat Company was held yesterday on board the steamer Driver. Mr. A. Hocutt, of Waddell’s Ferry, presided. The freight on tar was reduced to ten cents per barrel. Mr. R. R. Love was continued as manager of the company.

[Wilmington Star – August 26, 1898]


Re-arrested Steamboat Pilot.

Growing out of the same difficulty of last week, Deputy Sheriff A. M. Bowden, of Ormsby’s Bluff, on the Northeast river, arrived in the city Sunday and caused the arrest Sunday night of John Williams, the colored pilot on the steamboat Driver. Mr. Bowden claims that in the difficulty over the wood at a landing up the river last week, which has been spoken of in these columns, the negro after striking his son with a “gig” pole assaulted him with a gun and was only prevented from shooting him by other members of the boat crew. Williams had given bond at Burgaw last week to appear Friday and answer to the assault with a pole, but the warrant for the arrest yesterday was for the gun incident. Williams was taken to Rocky Point for preliminary trial before Justice W. W. Miller. J. T. Bland, Esq., of Burgaw, appears for the negro in the difficulty.

[Wilmington Star – March 11, 1902]

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