Cruising Along..

13 Jan


My husband, Tom, and I and a group of our friends decided to do something wildly romantic and take the Yacht Club’s cruise aboard the “Miss Pinellas,” the old Bee Line ferry.

As we were eating dinner, there she came, chugging up right into the Yach basin. As we all filed aboard, it struck me that I hadn’t been on this boat since I was 5 years old.

Anyway, to get back to this romantic evening. During the evening’s conversation, we wives were able to learn that the ferry was built in 1882 in the Philadeplhia shipyards, that it was 123 feet long, and that it had a 350 hp engine. Certainly know how to sweep a girl off her feet, don’t they?

But it was fun. There was no moon which made the lights of the town shimmering across the water even more beautiful. If you haven’t seen the Bounty’s rigging all alight at night, make a special trip to see it because it’s well worth it.

Joining in the singing and dancing aboard were the John Hamiltons, the John Shevocks, Susie and Bruce Banning, Doris Jean and Lamar Swpe and Betsy and Jimmy Willis.

[ The Evening Independent – June 25, 1965  St. Petersburg, FL ]

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