Entertain With ‘Moonlight Cruise’

13 Jan

Some 130 young people — all ninth graders from Southside Junior High School — answered invitations to a “Moonlight Cruise” Friday night and gathered at Pinellas Point for a three-hour excursion aboard the Miss Pinella. The craft, a ferry boat turned pleasure cruiser, sounded its departure at 8 p.m., carrying among its passengers not only the teen-age guests, but the mothers and dads of all ten hosts and hostesses.

The five girls and boys who collaborated in giving the party — in celebration of their graduation — were Mary Jo Carnahan, Carol Daniel, Libby Evans, Sherron Oster, Carole Teterson, Bill Gee, Jerry Gilbart, Richard Roberts, Lawton Swan, and Lamar Wilson.

Disc jockey Paul Hayes kept the young people dancing, while the mothers saw to it that there were plenty of refreshments — brownies, sandwiches and cold drinks were served. The gals came in Bermuda shorts or light summer dresses — no bell bottom trousers were in evidence… “Miss Pinellas” brought them “home” at 11.

[ St. Petersburg Independent — May 4, 1958 ]

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