Assorted Articles WMS 1868

15 Mar

A NEW STEAMER TO BE BUILT IN WILMINGTON.– We were shown yesterday by Mr. Frank Cassidey, at Cassidey’s Shipyard the model of a beautiful little steamer, now in process of construction by the mechanics of the Wilmington and Manchester rail Road. The boiler and engines were completed, and application made to Mr. C. for the model and drafts. It is designed to make her entirely of iron, about 30 feet in length by 6 feet beam, with a capacity of carrying thirty or thirty-five persons. Two engines, of three horsepower each, will be placed in her, and with a build intended for speed, she will no doubt be a fast boat.

The mechanics are constructing her solely for their own pleasure, though she will prove a very neat acquisition to our port.

[Wilmington Morning Star – July 26, 1868]

THE MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF TUESDAY NIGHT.—All of the excursionists, without exception, acknowledge the excursion down the river, last Tuesday night, by the Dixie Pleasure Club, to have been one of the most pleasant affairs of the kind which has ever taken place in Wilmington. In spite of the threatening looks of the weather, and although a number of families are absent from the city, a large party had assembled on board the Worth by 9 o’clock, the hour appointed for starting. A few moments thereafter the last whistle sounded, the bell was rung, the Brass Band struck up its most inspiring music, and casting off her moorings, the steamer began her Journey. Soon after passing the Dram Tree, the dancing commenced, continuing with very little intermission until the return. The party proceeded as far as Fort Fisher, turning round in the river just opposite that point, about 11 ½ o’clock. The return trip was made in two and a half hours, the whole of the excursionists having probably reached home by 2 ½ o’clock. The refreshments on the occasion were served up by Mr. C. R. Banks in his usual elegant style.

The Gov. Worth is a fine steamer for such excursions, and parties desiring her will find her owners and her officers equally courteous and obliging.

[Wilmington Morning Star –  1868]

ARRIVAL OF A STEAMER.– The steam tug Pocosin arrived here yesterday from Norfolk, Va., consigned to Messrs. Cassidey Brothers & Ross for repairs. She is destined, we believe, for Jacksonville, Fla., where she will be used as a tug boat, for which service she is well adapted, her engine being the most powerful we have ever seen in a boat of like size. She is a side-wheel steamer, draws about 3 ½ feet of water, and has a capacity of about 105 tons.

[Wilmington Morning Star – Sunday, August 9, 1868]

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