Oops, Image of Steamer WILMINGTON Shown Backwards?

21 Nov

Photo of the Steamer WILMINGTON shown reversed.  I guess most people note the steamer’s flag showing WILMINGTON and think the photo is correct.  But, just zoom in on the photo below and note that the name of the steamer, both on the bow of the boat and above the pilot house are shown in reverse.  *It’s much more likely that the flag only had the name WILMINGTON spelled on one side, and when the photo was taken, you were looking through the flag and the letters were reversed.

New Hanover County Public Library Digital Archives

A co-worker was in Wilmington recently for a conference and took this picture from within the new convention center.  I’m not sure if it is the quality of the image, or if the photo of the WILMINGTON has been doctored.  It is not possible to tell the vessel’s name on the bow or pilot house, as in the library photo above.  Still, it is the same photo.  *Also note that the photo says c1930, which isn’t possible because the WILMINGTON had been converted to an automobile ferry in 1926 and taken down to St. Petersburg, FL that same year.  The ferry WILMINGTON was converted to a diesel vessel in 1930 and renamed the PINELLAS.


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