Captain Saml Skinner, Sr. – Richmond, VA

13 May

I have no good reason why I pursued this tangent.  However, without further input, it probably gives a reason for Capt. Samuel W. Skinner (Jr.) to be living in Richmond, VA in 1862 when Dr. Thomas F. Woods seeks him out (returning fevered, from the front lines as a surgeon).  Capt. Skinner, the younger, had already been a steamboat captain on the Cape Fear river, and had met & married the young window, Emily J. (Erambert) Wilkinson.  It makes sense that with the death of his father, in 1860, he might feel the need, or obligation, to return to Richmond to be near his widowed mother.

I had not thought of the following, but it may be, with the death of Louis B. Erambert, in September 1862, and the return of Capt. Skinner’s older sister, Francis “Sallie” Erambert to Richmond probably later that same year, (having given birth to their 3rd child, Annie, shortly before her husband’s death) and her young children, that Capt. Samuel Skinner felt he could return to Wilmington.  Or maybe it was the Civil War bearing down on Richmond, that gave him a reason to return further South.

Having said all of that, the tangent is pictures of the grave markers of Capt. Saml Skinner (Sr.) and his wife, Martha in Hollywood Cemetery near downtown Richmond, Va.  It was a beautiful sunny Spring day when I visited the cemetery.  One of the docents was most helpful, and had a printed map of the plots which he directed me to the location for which I was looking.

What was not obvious from my Google Maps search was that the graves are on a hill overlooking the nearby James River.  This is a rocky portion of the River, and unnavigable, but still for a river steamboat captain, this would be a comfort.  Perhaps more of a comfort to family members and loved ones that could look down on the flowing James and think of how much pleasure it had given Capt. Skinner.

IMG_1400 IMG_1408 IMG_1410 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1434

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