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25 Nov


Pinellas-Piney Point Line to Have Big, New Craft About Nov. 1

A fine new large boat will be put into service on the Bee Line ferry service, between St. Petersburg’s Pinellas Point wharf and Piney Point by Nov. 1, according to announcement made Saturday by Charles L. Carter, president of the company.
The company has two boats for service on the ferry line across Tampa bay at this time, one of them “The Doty,” being in service during the slack summer period. “The Wilmington,” the second boat owned by the company and in service during the busy fall, winter and spring seasons, will be overhauled. Mr. Carter said, and converted into a more powerful and speedier craft. The steam boilers will be removed and a Diese[l] engine will be installed. It is expected that after the changes are made the Wilmington will cross Tampa bay in 25 minutes or less, carrying passengers, freight and motor cars.
The new highway between Piney Point and Palmetto in Manatee county, Mr. Carter said, will be completed in its new form of construction before the opening of the busy tourist season. The xxx spur from Piney Point to the xxx shore road is now reconstructed with a width of 20 feet. The xxx base is down, is rolled and trxxx is opened with the exception of about half a mile, which is provided with a good detour. One of the Bay shore road the surface is being xxx from the Palmetto end toward Piney Point. On the spur the surface will be a penetration asphalt over rolled shell.
The one boat in service now making five round trips a day xxx the ferry route. The new boat will go into service in time to provide a quick trip to Sarasota, winter headquarters for the Ringling Brothers circus, and a route also shorter by 47 miles to Palmetto, Manatee, Braedenton, Punta Gorda and For Myers.

St. Petersburg Times – Aug 5, 1928



Effective tomorrow morning, the new boat “Pinellas” of the Bee Line Ferry will go into active service in the transporation of automobiles and passengers across Tampa bay between Pinellas and Piney Points. It is the first of several improvements in the service contemplated by officers of the company for the winter season of 1930-31.
The newly commissioned ferry boat was recently completed by the company in local shipyards. The boat is practically new throughout, except for a few pieces of plating, frame angle irons, floor plates, keel, main deck beams and the bulwark, representing less than 10 per cent of the structural work. All parts of the old “Wilmington” which were retained have been heavily re-enforced, although tests showed them to be in first class shape.
New equipment on the boat includes the engines, from bilge pumps, air compressor pumps, and dynamos to the 350 horsepower Atlas Imperial full Diesel; deck planking, tanks for both fuel and air, the electric lighting plant, all superstructure, steel enclosed sides, lifeboat deck, pilot house, funnel and siren.
The latter, officers of the company state, should be audible throughout St. Petersburg and over Tampa bay for a distance of miles, announcing the arrival of the “Pinellas” at Pinellas Point on the regular daily trips. The boat is [last line of article lost]
The Evening Independent – Nov 14, 1930

City Supplies $185,000 to Buy Ferry.
Plan Permanenet Pinellas-manatee Link

St. Petersburg Times – Dec 20, 1944

Council to Get New Proposal Providing Public Operation Of Ferry Within 30 Days

St. Petersburg Times – Nov 6, 1945

Bee Line Ferry Closes Tonight
[Temporary, 5 days, closing for repairs.]

St. Petersburg Times – Sep 7, 1947

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